Paradise Golf




Do we need to book?

We do recommend that you book especially at busier times, but we keep spaces for walk in guests.

Does 2 courses mean you play the same course twice?

No, there are 2 separate 18 hole courses you can pick to play 1 or pay the upgrade price and play both.

Do you have toilets?

Most sites do and if they do not then there are toilets close to the venue.

The booking system won’t allow me to book the correct number of spaces at the time I want.

We have a limited number of booking slots available at each time. If you are having trouble, then it means that there are not enough available slots at this time (i.e. only 2 slots when trying to book 4) try another time or call the site directly

Do you sell drinks?

Most sites have soft drinks available at our pay booth. PIAG Plymouth has the Bunker which serves drinks and food.

Do you have a cloak room?

We have lockers available for a £5 cash deposit which is refundable when you return the key.

Is this suitable for Children?

Adventure golf is suitable for all ages however we do recommend that under 16’s are accompanied by an adult for safety reasons.

How long does a course take to play?

It depends on how busy and the group size but at normal times around 35-45 per course. At peak times around 45 – 55 minute per course.

Do you have a seating area for spectators?

No unfortunately most sites do not have a seating area for spectators however they are welcome to walk round with the group providing that they aren’t causing a disruption

Do you have breastfeeding facilities?

Most (if not all) don’t have a designated area, however if you speak to the staff, they will be happy to discuss options that would be available